Spanish Horror Film and Television in the 21st Century, by Vicente Rodríguez Ortega and Rubén Romero Santos

Spanish Horror Film and Television in the 21st Century

Spanish Horror Film and Television in the 21st Century offers a thorough analysis of the horror genre in Spain, speaking about production topics, thematic elements and the artistic form altogether. Organized in clearly distinct chapters, the authors guide the reader through the twenty first century pointing out different milestones that changed the industry, emphasizing their impact in both production and international reception of Spanish horror movies.

These landmarks are defined by means of a varied set of recognizable examples as Los Otros (Alejandro Amenábar, 2001) or Rec (Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza, 2007). Each movie is carefully analyzed, providing an insight into the context it was created and explaining its contribution, including a study about the spanish cultural elements that influenced these films and make them unique. The authors manage to dive in complex details without complicating the text, making it accessible for both experts and newcomers that want to learn about cinema. The reader can quickly grasp the industry panorama and get the full picture of how horror films have evolved in Spain, including some thoughts about the current situation and how it may progress. The whole study is backed with plenty of references to an extensive bibliography, which provides more material perfect for those who want to keep on researching.

With plenty of movies to discover or revisit, the book analyzes them both individually and in their context, showing their connections to other films and their impact in the industry. A great book for those interested in the horror genre who want to make an approach and learn about the increasing production of horror films in Spain in the recent years.

Table of contents


  • Introduction: Spanish Horror in the 21stCentury        
  • Early 2000s: Industrial Dynamics, Production Trends & Transnationalization
  • [Rec]: An International Franchise
  • Horror & Genre Hybridization
  • Horror & Gender
  • Horror & The Past
  • Horror & Streaming
  • Conclusions

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